Friday, June 18, 2010

Characters: The Chancellor

One of the most important portions of any story is the antagonist, or villain. A lot of things can make or break a good story, but a good villain of some kind is a key element. If you ask anyone to name a list of characters from a classic movie, the first two characters that usually are mentioned if the movie was done well are usually the Hero and the Villain. We like our villains to be memorable. We like them to feel threatening, comical, or maybe both. We like it when the villain makes sense. More then one villain has been ruined simply through poor writing, bad plot choices, or inconsistent character, which brings a level of challenge to putting together any villain, even if part of his character is already preconstructed by virtue of an established universe. With this in mind, I'm presenting the initial character build of SatLoA's chief villain and declaring that if there was ever a place for feedback, this should be a primary one.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Characters: Blaze the Cat

Man, all this E3 hype has kept me hopping over at The Game Critic, but I've still got time to get work in on The Underwater Hedgehog and one of my other design projects (which is coming along well and getting a lot of cool work done on it lately). I must admit, I was rather surprised that no one had anything to say about my outlines for the games music design, I was sure that would stir up some comments. Ah well, I guess that means no news is good news! Anyway, on to the character design for today!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sound Design: Music

Now I'll take another break from characters to make a small post about sound, specifically the musical genre and composition that SatLoA requires. Some may not realize how much of an impact sound design carries on any game. Much like film, music and sound effects have a large affect on how the player views the game. Scene and mood are very determined by music, and more so in a Sonic game, where music has always played a large part of the series. If SatLoA were to be a success, it would need to have good music.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Characters: Amy Rose the Hedgehog

Yep, it's time for another character design update, this time returning to the Hedgehog roots of the series with Amy Rose, the little pink hedgehog who has, kudos to Sega, moved from abject dislike to acceptance in the Sonic universe, and now even has fans. I'm not joking, here either, I seem to recall a Sonic fansite back in the wee early days of the internet that ran a poll asking fans if they were a fan of Amy with a yes or no response. Out of over 5000 responses, two admitted yes. Ouch. Since then though, Sega's given her significant redesigns and managed to improve her standing among the fans.

As usual though with my designs for SatLoA, Amy will not behave exactly like her current iteration, but rather reflect a more advanced and mature character. Much like Black Knight changed Amy to fit her role in the story, SatLoA will be doing the same.