Friday, June 18, 2010

Characters: The Chancellor

One of the most important portions of any story is the antagonist, or villain. A lot of things can make or break a good story, but a good villain of some kind is a key element. If you ask anyone to name a list of characters from a classic movie, the first two characters that usually are mentioned if the movie was done well are usually the Hero and the Villain. We like our villains to be memorable. We like them to feel threatening, comical, or maybe both. We like it when the villain makes sense. More then one villain has been ruined simply through poor writing, bad plot choices, or inconsistent character, which brings a level of challenge to putting together any villain, even if part of his character is already preconstructed by virtue of an established universe. With this in mind, I'm presenting the initial character build of SatLoA's chief villain and declaring that if there was ever a place for feedback, this should be a primary one.

Eggman the Chancellor
Special Note: Eggman is the chief villain and as such is unplayable.

Personality and History: Eggman's father was chancellor before him, as was his father, and so on back through the family line. The chancellors had always served the ruling family faithfully in every aspect, acting as diplomats, advisers and executors of special directives, at least, until Eggman. Even as a young child, he displayed an incredible aptitude for magic, planning and subtle design, all of which would aid him in his rise to power later.

Unfortunately, Eggman also questioned the established order of the Atlantian kingdom. His father, the current chancellor, was almost always absent performing duties for the ruling family, and Eggman began to resent the Atlantian ruling family for always keeping his father so busy. If his father did so much work of the kingdom, he began reasoning, then why wasn't he the one in charge. While he often thought along those lines, outwardly he gave no sign of his inner thoughts, never voicing them to anyone except on one occasion to his father, who told him to forget such foolishness.

When Eggman was only thirteen, his father died while visiting a foreign country, and Eggman himself was tasked with taking up the position of chancellor. Blaming the ruling family of Atlantis in his own mind, Eggman began slowly planning the seeds of an uprising that would allow him to take over the kingdom as revenge for his fathers death, placing the power where he believed it rightfully rested. As time went on, Eggman grew more and more greedy, until his original intentions were warped to be nothing more then the pursuit of power and control. Over Atlantis, over everything he could get his hands on. With his position as trusted Chancellor, Eggman found himself in a natural position to slowly ebb away at the power structure supporting the royal family.

As the years moved on, Eggman carefully orchestrated and manipulated much of the events around Atlantis, carefully choosing and grooming individuals who would remain loyal to him and placing them in positions of power while finding ways to lay blame at the feet of those who were in those positions, often leaving them imprisoned, in exile, or even dead. When both Knuckles and Silver escaped, Eggman at first began to worry, but then saw a way to use them both to further his own plans. Eggman had learned that by using some of the legendary items left behind by Chronos, he could undo the fabric of Atlantis and absorb it's time power from the item, gaining incredible magic power for himself. However, even as his own agents were searching for the location of the time spells holding Atlantis together, Eggman himself had no idea how to undo the time knots or absorb the their power. Very carefully, he let Silver learn that he was planning to collapse the time bubble, and that the time knots that actually held it together were the spell he had made to collapse it. Thus, Eggman himself would have plenty of time to research the spells he needed on his own while he could rely on Silver to accomplish a good portion of the dirty work.

Personality-wise: Now that he's out from under the thumb of the Royal family, Eggman has let his personality show. Arrogant and self centered, yet ruthless and brilliant, Eggman usually has the upper hand, but can become panicked when things don't go according to plan, although even then he often retains a dangerous level of intelligence.

Physical Description: On this regard, Eggman needs to look somewhat familiar, with the same old mustache and rotund belly, although much of his clothes should be "dated" to fit the period. Give him some sort of elaborate yet functional robe that use the classic Eggman color scheme. Play with his design quite a bit.


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