Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The One Sheet--Version .7

Alright, for those of you who are unfamiliar with game design, the One Sheet is a quick, summarized write up of a game design, usually entailing what the game is like, how it will play, key features, what system it is for, what market it will be aimed at and any other important details about the game. The One Sheet is also what most people first see and hear about the game. In effect, it could almost be considered a lengthy (although more technical) preview of what the game will be like. Additionally, it can be used as a quick reminder of the goals of the game during development. So of course it stands to reason that the first thing I put up here is a one sheet for SatLoA.

Sonic and the Legend of Atlantis: One Sheet

Sonic and the Legend of Atlantis (or SatLoA) is a 3D platformer game for the Nintendo Wii in which the player takes control of Sonic the Hedgehog (or other characters) in order to save the City of Atlantis from the dastardly evil plan of the Chancellor, who plans to destroy Atlantis in order to gain power over time. The player will control Sonic and travel through 8 two-part levels in order to stop the Chancellor and save Atlantis. Players will experience classic Sonic platforming and speed, in addition to making use of a new underwater form and 'Devil May Cry'-like combat.

 Key Features
  1. Mix of Speed-based and Platforming gameplay
  2. Multiple Camera systems to accentuate gameplay style
  3. 8 distinct and large levels
  4. Combo Combat system
  5. Time control abilities
  6. Underwater segments with an underwater form that removes the annoyance of water
  7. Multiple characters, each with a separate, intertwining story
  8. Large, expansive levels that are open
    1. Multiple routes
    2. Allow use of character specific abilities to access different paths and areas of each level
    3. No bottomless pits/No floating level syndrome
  9. 60 FPS animation
  10. Large, large draw distance
  11. Lightly Cel Shaded Graphic Style to reduce texture load and give the game a distinct look
  12. Interactive and active enemies
SatLoA would be aimed at the age group of ten+, as the combat aspects of the game would likely raise it's rating somewhat. Since Sega has released several Sonic games on the Wii already, a market for Wii Sonic titles is already in existence, SatLoA would fit right into that niche. The Wii was chosen as the platform of choice due to the prior success of earlier Sonic titles on the Wii.

It's definitely not the best one sheet, I wouldn't use this as the one sheet for my design realistically until I had much more done to work off of. Still, for now this should suffice as a base to work off of.

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