Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Characters: Silver the Hedgehog

Another Character Update. As soon as I get all of these out of the way I'll jump into engine and graphics and then level concepts. Of course,there are a lot of characters, so this could take a bit. I may interrupt the characters periodically with the other stuff. Your call, what do you want to see next?

Silver the Hedgehog: A Wizard on the Run

Personality and History: Silver has always had a kind heart and a peaceful outlook on the world. As a youth he was known to be level-headed, perceptive and an idealist. Silver was quite often a mediator between other children at his school and several times stepped into battles that would have had no effect on him otherwise simply to protect those that he saw as being wronged. Even though he commanded impressive magical abilities from a young age, Silver kept tight control over them (there was an incident that he swore not to repeat in which he misused his powers at a young age to cause harm) and did not misuse them. When he went on to higher learning, no one was surprised that he became the apprentice of a powerful magic user, only when he surpassed the magic user after only four years of dedicated study.

Silver once again surprised those that knew him when he applied to the Atlantian Militaries Magic Corp. Some saw it as inconsistent with his nature, but many saw it for what it was: A desire to find a position to peacefully resolve disputes and help as many people as possible where his powers would be useful. In only seven years, Silver rose to the highest rank in the Magic Corp as commander of the entire corp. He served in that position for five years before he began to suspect that the chancellor was up to no good, a suspicion that proved true when he was blamed for a series of magical deaths during merchantmen tax riots and the chancellor ordered him imprisoned publicly while slyly ordering his troops to execute him. Suspecting such treachery, Silver escaped and has been on the run for months. As of late, he has been hounded by the pursuit of Blaze the Sorceress, the new leader of the Magic Corp and an ally of the chancellor.

Silver's peaceful nature and caring demeanor do not mean that by any chance he is incapable of defending nor taking care of himself, and Silver has managed to become quite the thorn in the chancellors side. Determined to bring him down, Silver managed to overhear the Chancellors plan to collapse the Atlantian bubble by meddling with the time knots holding it together. Utilizing a powerful spell left in the archives by Chronos himself (which he had wisely stolen when accused by the chancellor), Silver called across time to summon a hero, and got one in Sonic. Silver is very regal in his speech.

Game Plot: Silver's goal in SatLoA is twofold. First, he serves as a guide for Sonic's travels through Atlantis, pointing him towards likely locations for time knots (which information he must gather during his levels) and finding information on characters and events to improve Sonic's chances. Secondly, as the game moves on Silver will become more and more at odds with Blaze, to the point where his goal is to defeat her and strip her of her powers, which he does following the final boss battle with her.
Note: Silver does learn that both he and Sonic have been deceived (the chancellor never touched the anchors, he's tricked Silver into doing it for him through Sonic) but is unable to reach him with the information until the final battle.

Play Style and Movement: Silver is a much slower character then Sonic and has a smaller initial jump. He is capable of a 2nd jump in midair that uses his magic power to launch him high vertically, but has very little horizontal travel. He may also levitate instead of jumping a second time, which adds no height, but allows flight on a horizontal plane for a brief time. He may also manipulate objects to open new paths or latch onto special reactive materials that he has placed around Atlantis and gravitate towards them, hookshot style.

Combat wise: Silver fights with his magical powers, which changes his play style quite a bit. The first difference is that his dash is very different from other characters: he does not move until he executes a combo ending attack. When executing a dash, Silver stops and projects magic in that direction, whereupon hitting an enemy he can begin to attack. For a final move, he will then dash to the location of the enemy if desired. This makes him a more stationary fighter and therefore makes it harder to dodge attacks. Silvers dash is also only 3/4 the range of Sonic's but much more powerful, and will overpower other dash attacks.

In the air, Silver's dash functions like a normal dash, he will launch himself forward. Silver's special attacks are unique in that instead of playing with time, his attacks can hit a large area or deal elemental damage (electricity, fire, ice, etc). This makes him a more powerful but less maneuverable character.

Physical Description: Silver looks almost the same body-wise, but wears a headband and pants. He also has a cloak that he vanishes whenever he gets into combat, so the player will see him with and without it. The cloak seems to do what he wants it to do, sometimes acting as a hand or a special ability. He should also look a bit older and wiser then the 06 appearance. Change up his gloves, make them functional yet simple, same with the boots, and give him a belt under the cloak that should have assorted vials and pouches on it.


  1. Not too shabby. I like what I see, though in my personal opinion, I'd make a couple changes. In the maneuverability/combat department, I'd make Silver a tad more maneuverable because since he's an avid magic user, he should be able to use his magic to his advantage, thus making him able to move around/teleport/etc more than I feel is said, however this is not to be done to the point of being broken. My other change would be in the clothing department, I'd try and stay away from the stereotypical robes/turban-hat-thing that most magicians are pictured as wearing. I'd still go for something tht says "I use magic, so back off" though, possibly something like an apprentice's tunic/pants even though he's not an apprentice, it'd be kinda hard to be on the run in a robe, wouldn't it? Perhaps I can try to summon up some kind of drawing skill (seeing as I have none) to give a better idea of what I'm driving at. The idea of a second jump utilizing his magic also seems like a good idea, but, what if he comes to a ledge that requires both the double jump and a bit of horizontal movement? Or perhaps the opposite where the jump is more horizontal but still needs a bit of air in it? Would the second vertical jump have enough horizontal movement to make it? Would the horizontal levitate have enough height? Don't get me wrong, Silver is my favorite character and all, but in absolutely no way do I want to see him broken (I hate it when characters are broken. Take Meta-Knight in Brawl for example), I'm just saying a few things that this puts on my mind.

  2. Thanks for the comments. I had completely not considered the stereotypical robes and turban. Now that it's come to my attention, perhaps I'll play a bit more with the headband and run from there.

    I have considered teleportation abilities as part of his repertoire, but didn't post them here as I didn't want to edge into Shadow's territory or make him overpowered, but as you pointed out it does fit within his ability description. Perhaps as a more complex character description is developed and his moves are fleshed out I will retackle it.

    The weak horizontal movement of the second jump is meant to keep the character from crossing boundaries that he shouldn't, hence the gimped horizontal movement. As far as coming to ledges, that would be part of the level design. His jump would exist to allow additional horizontal when needed, not as a regular use it every time you need to jump feature. It would be a close collaboration between level engineers and character programmers.

  3. Updated his information with a revised description a little less stereotypical. Still not sure about the cloak though. It'd be fun and useful for his character, (Silver is pretty distinct to be on the run) maybe cutscenes only.