Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Characters: Knuckles the Echidna

 Sorry it's been a few days. I've been busy with a lot of other stuff...some imperitive, some not so much (although I will say that the Halo: Reach beta offers a lot of change from the classic Halo design that I welcome). Regardless, I've been wanting to get back this as soon as possible to continue with this design. Although currently it is not quite as exciting (lets face it, I'm simply modifying characters that already exist to suit this game) as entirely new content or characters (of which Sonic has enough for now) even slight modifications can bring about some real difference, such as with my reference to Halo: Reach. Anyway, why am I talking here? I should be letting you read up on Knuckles! Oh yes, still calling for concept art if you'd like to give it a go. Oh, and if you know anyone who would be interested in this site, let them know! The more feedback I have the better! Anyway, on with the designs!

Knuckles the Echidna: Former Leader of the Elite Atlantian Royal Guard

Personality and History: Knuckles has earned the honor of being one of the youngest leaders of the Atlantian Elite Royal Guard in over a thousand years. Gifted with incredible strength and combat ability, Knuckles earned his legendary status during an attempted mercantile invasion of Atlantis in which he held the Atlantis gate against an army of thousands until reinforcements arrived. Loyal, powerful and skilled sums up Knuckles very well.

Little is known that is out of the ordinary about his past. Born into the line of Elite Atlantian Royal Guards, Knuckles exhibited great skill at an early age and after some impressive training sessions, was taken under the wing of the current leader at only the age of seven. Two years later when his parents died defending the Royal family against assassins, the elderly leader of the Guard officially adopted him, training him day in and out until at the age of twelve, Knuckles defeated him in one on one combat and became the leader of the Guard himself. Three years later when the proud former leader finally passed away from old age, Knuckles had already proven himself a capable and impressive leader, if a little hotheaded and prone to resorting to solving some problems with his fists.

In the next four years Knuckles continued to prove an able leader of the Guard, but he became increasingly concerned as the Chancellor became more closely involved with the affairs of the entire Atlantian government and military, the Guard included. Eventually he began tailing his own Guard members, and was shocked to find that many of the newer recruits had somehow been influenced by the Chancellor. The night before he planned to take his concerns to the family, the Chancellor struck. Knuckles awoke to find two Atlantian war golems and four members of the Guard in his room informing him that he was under arrest for treason. Defending himself, Knuckles destroyed the golems and the Guard, discovering in the process that they had been "enhanced", Golem-like, by the Chancellor.

Fleeing the castle as alarms were raised all around him, Knuckles sought refuge in the city while inquiring through trusted contacts as to the nature of the charges. His worst fears were confirmed: All of the Guard loyal to him had been killed by those loyal to the Chancellor and framed, with himself at the head, for trying to take over the kingdom through regicide. Furious at the betrayal, Knuckles waited for weeks until one day, the whole city seemed to erupt into chaos. Although Knuckles did not know why the Atlantian military was out in such numbers, he knew that it meant the Chancellor would have less guards around...

Game Plot: Now that the city's military and police is spread thin, Knuckles is less concerned about running riot through the city. His goal is to get to the Chancellor and take him down. Along the way he will battle several familiar faces as well as teach Sonic new combat maneuvers. Although he never does stop the chancellor, he does take out his last supply of War Golems for a finale.

Play Style and Movement: Knuckles should be a slower character then Sonic with a weaker jump, although he should still have his ability to glide and climb most walls. Knuckles is also able to travel to routes and areas of levels that only he may access through, climbing, using his massive strength to crash through barriers or digging.

Combat: Knuckles is the most powerful of all of the games characters, packing more strength and power into his attacks then any other character. To compensate for this power, Knuckles has no access to time-abilities whatsoever, all of his attacks and skills are real time and very, very physical. He has the shortest dash of any of the characters, but it also packs a severe punch that can knock back almost any enemy. As a result, Knuckles dash will always head for the enemy furthest back while still staying in range, and will knock aside or push back any enemies along the way. Knuckles attacks usually very between fast and slow, allowing the player to choose the rate at which to pummel their opponents. Many of his attacks can also deal damage around him, so players can choose to deal heavy damage in one direction or light area damage around. Knuckles also has a large number of throws and grabs. One thing he does not have however is an air dash. Instead, the player can simply glide into enemies to perform a variety of moves, including a suplex.

Physical Description: Well, for starters it is the Knuckles that everyone knows, but like Shadow and Silver he's dressed differently. Knuckles wears heavy, ornate armor at all times, complete with breastplate, forearm guards, shin and thigh guards and even a helmet (although it only covers the top of his head). The armor is golden in color due to his status, and should have dings and some wear and tear to it from years of fighting.

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