Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Characters: Tails the Fox

Wow, it's been a full 11 days since I last managed a post on here! Sorry guys, been busy. Anyway, this time I'll be going over the character designs for none other then Tails the Fox, that classic two-tailed vulpine hailing all the way from Sonic 2 on the Sega Genesis. Now, the key difference in characterization this time around is that Tails is actually working against Sonic in this game rather then with him. As Captain of the Atlantian Air Corp, he's duty bound to obey the orders of the Chancellor, and does so throughout the game, serving as a foil to the heroes. To acknowledge this key difference, Tails is going to be a bit different this time around. Like Silver, he's going to be a lot more mature and a bit older. His design will also be much more militarized and slightly darker, as he's playing for the other side this time around.

Tails the Fox: Master of the Atlantian Air Corp

Personality and History: Tails is a very devoted and capable commander in the Atlantian Army. He joined the Atlantian guard at an early age following the loss of his parents and quickly proved himself to be a natural fixing the mechanical golems employed by the Atlantian military. When he was barely fourteen years old he redesigned the core attack golem of the Aerial Corp, created a lighter, more armored and deadly version. Changing units, he quickly rose through the ranks of the Air Corp, being promoted to the lead commanding position in just over a year. Much of the more high quality golems in the Air Corp are of his own design, including the Air Corp's newest (and largest) Air Battleship, the Leviathan (possible level). Tails in known to enter combat alongside his golems, usually from the perspective of an armored VTOL golem he has created. He is also proficient with a Scimitar in combat, so he has earned his place as the commander of the Air Corp.

Tails personality is straightforward and focused. He commits himself to his goal and follows it. He also has a high sense of responsibility and feels indebted to the Chancellor, who recommended him for his current position. Unfortunately, the combination of honor, responsibility and obligation has led him to continue to serve the Chancellor during the "revolution" as he believes the Chancellor is acting on the Royal Families word and that those against them include the princess herself. Unbeknown to Tails, the Chancellor has altered many golems to attempt to kill him, telling him that they have been modified by Silver to do so.

Game Plot: Tails game is slightly different then the other characters. Since he serves as an antagonist character, he has no final boss, rather he has a set of "missions" that can be selected. These missions can vary in objective, but serve to explain Tails presence in certain areas of the story. One of these missions should allow him to control his VTOL golem if possible.

Play Style and Movement: Tails is a fast character who lacks fine control. His dash has great range, but is prone to missing opponents. It takes him longer to pick up full speed as well as stop due to his method of moving at high speed, and he also drifts while turning. In return, he has a higher jump then most characters and still has his flight ability.

Combat-Wise: Tails has great range with his dash but has a 10% chance of missing his target and sliding past them. His ground attacks are less capable then his aerial abilities, which are varied and give him a lot of great aerial control. Since he can fly, he can attack or dash both into and out of flight, and landing atop and enemy for an attack will allow him to rest and reset his flight time. His attacks are somewhat weak, but hit wide areas since he uses a Scimitar. That combined with his air-controlling capabilities should serve to balance him out. His flight abilities and attacks mean that he needs no time manipulation powers.

Physical Description: Tails should be wearing knee high boots and a military vest of some kind. Both should be made out of a reddish black leather with red trimming here and there. His vest should have numerous pockets with all sorts of gear and tools. His scimitar should be kept in his hands at all times when moving (even when spinning) although he will wear it in a belt loop at his side during cutscenes. His belt should have a utility look to it, and his gear should look utilitarian overall, with function before form. In his case, it must look slightly armored, but light and durable.

VTOL Golem: Tails VTOL Golem should be a legless Golem that can fly. It should be heavily armored and have many magical weapons as well as four heavily armored arms. [Possible: Reuse old Magna-guard design?]

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